Google would pay so much to keep Apple’s default search engine

According to media reports, Google 2018 would pay Apple $ 9 billion to remain the default search engine of the iPhone Safari browser on iOS.
According to Rodman, a Goldman Sachs analyst (via Business Insider), this number would only continue to rise, resulting in a $ 12 billion payment by 2019, 9to5Mac reported late Saturday night.

While Apple uses Google as the default search engine in Safari on iOS, the company also uses Bing in several other locations, such as the Internet via Siri.
Apple said services would be a huge growth area for the company as sales of hardware sales increase.
Apple Music has grown steadily since its launch in 2015.
Although the free iCloud storage level is still only 5 GB, more and more users are willing to pay the monthly fee to gain access to more storage space.

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